• Orchestra/Chamber Orchestra

    The Sleepless Beauty, Ballet (2017-18)
    Two Walks, orchestra/chamber orch. (2012)
    Arriving At Loch Lomond, chamber orchestra (2011)
    Plasticity, Sonoglyph and chamber orchestra (2009)
    Earth March, orchestra/chamber orch. (2007)
    Flyer, string orchestra and cello solo (2003)
    Coastal Ghost, chamber orchestra (1997, 2008)
    The Flying Ladder, Overture for orchestra (1984)


    Caprice, movement for string quartet (2017)
    Impromptoodle, wind quintet (2015)
    Windjammer, piano trio (2010)
    Icarus, piano trio (2005)
    Millennium Overture Dance, fl, cl, vln, vla, vc (1999)
    String Quartet No. 3 (1985-87)
    ZOO, wind quintet and piano (1983)
    The Gypsies Enter The Modern Age, cl, trp, vln, vc, perc (1979)
    String Quartet No. 2 (1978)
    Processional for the Oresteia, woodwind octet (1976)
    Soirtrios, cl, vln, vla (1974, rev. 2000)String Quartet No. 1 (1972-73) 


    Florébius, violin and piano (2015)
    Streaming Audio, flute and viola (2010)
    Frequent Flyer, viola and piano; cello and piano (1993)
    La Fille du Pêcheur, soprano and guitar (1980)
    Desiderata, clarinet and piano (1977)


    Mass Movements: (Benedictus, Hosanna, Dona nobis Pacem) (2007)
    Music for Human Choir (text by A. Crossman) (1984, rev. 1999)

    Voice and piano

    Songs – various (1964-2017)
    Stages (cabaret songs) (1989-2001)
    New Songs from the Border (1990-92)
    New Wanderer Fantasy (1989)
    Gretchen am Komputer, voice with piano/electronic keyboard after Schubert, text by Goethe (1985-87)
    Songs from the Border, text by A. Crossman (1984-85)
    Three Hebrew Songs (1983)


    Sonata fLux (2011)
    Street Suite (2002)
    Gypsy Ballads (after Lorca) (1984-94)
    Probes (1982-1985)
    Schumanniana (1982)
    Nine Lives (1980)
    Metropolitan Suite (1975-76)
    Second Nature (Scenes After Childhood) (1973-75)
    Dances of Wind and Shade (1972)

  • Composer and Music Director – theater productions

    Mozart! Where Are You? A School Musical, music/lyrics by A. Crossman, libretto by John McGrew, selections at the Fresh Voices Festival,   SF, July, 2013.
    The Log of the Skipper’s Wife, a contemporary musical, based on the book by James Balano, after the diary by Dorothea Balano; libretto & direction by Joann G. Breuer:

    • with Amy Finegan, soprano: (Maine, Nova Scotia, Montreal, 1997; Royal Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, England and Kennedy Center,  2003)
    • with Emma Greer, soprano: The Yard (Martha’s Vineyard, MA, 2007).
    • with Elizabeth Henry, soprano: Fresh Voices Festival (San Francisco 2008).

    Cabaret/theater/classical songs, Fresh Voices Festival, SF, 2006/2007.
    The Border, a musical revue, Goat Hall Productions, 1991-2, 2012-2015, San Francisco.
    Crossman: Cross-section of a Crossroads, original songs, dances, stories, Playwrights Workshop, Montreal, 1987.
    The Comedy of Errors, by Shakespeare, Concordia University, Montreal, Joseph Cazalet, Director, 1984.
    From Egg to Earth, performance by Ralph Allison, mime, Centaur Theatre, Montreal, 1982.
    Celestina, by de Rojas, Concordia University, Joseph Cazalet, Director, 1981.
    Metamorphose, by Franz Kafka, Montreal Theatre Lab, Alexander Hausvater, Director, French production, 1980.
    Alsino, A Chilean Legend, performance by Ralph Allison, mime, Concordia University, John Torell, Director, 1980.
    Under Milkwood, by Dylan Thomas, Concordia University, Nancy Helms, Director, 1978.
    Elizabeth I, by Paul Foster, Concordia University, A. Hausvater, Director, 1978.
    Blood Wedding, by Garcia Lorca, Concordia University, Ralph Allison, Director, 1977.
    The Oresteia, by Aeschylus, Cambridge Ensemble, Joann G. Breuer, Director, 1977.
    Kafka: The World of Parable, adapted by Peter Sander, Cambridge Ensemble, Peter Sander, Director, 1974.
    Old and Old, by Gertrude Stein, Cambridge Ensemble, Joann G. Breuer, Director, 1973.
    Calling For Help, by Peter Handke, Cambridge Ensemble, Joann G. Breuer, Director, 1972.

  • Recordings ordered from the sites below.

    Florébius (violin and piano), Parma Recordings (on “Between the Echoes” album), The Eusebius Duo, 2016
    Plasticity (for Sonoglyph and chamber orchestra), on “Plastic Critters”, Edgetone Records, SF (EDT 4131). Tom Nunn, soloist, with the SF Composers Chamber Orch., 2013.
    Mass Movements (for SATB and piano), Composers Choir, Hamden CT, Daniel Shaw, director, 2012.
    Earth March (for chamber orchestra), SFCCO Recordings, 2007.
    Flyer (string orchestra and cello solo), North/South Recordings (N/S R 1045), 2007.
    Street Suite (piano solo), North/South Recordings (N/S 1040), Max Lifchitz, pianist, 2005.
    Desiderata (clarinet and piano), North/South Recordings (N/S 1034) Richard Goldsmith, clarinetist, Max Lifchitz, pianist, 2004.
    Millennium Overture Dance (fl,cl,vln,vla,cello North/South Recordings (N/S 1027), 2002.
    The Log of the Skipper’s Wife (SNE-646, Montreal), 1998. (order directly from the composer)
    Gypsy Ballads (piano), North/South Recordings (N/S 1014), Max Lifchitz, pianist,1996.


    All scores can be ordered from the Canadian Music Centre at

  • Commissions from Soloists and Ensembles

    Eusebius Duo, San Francisco
    Rivers School Conservatory, Weston, MA
    Annex Players, Boston
    Elise Bédard, soprano, Toronto
    Concordia Chamber Players
    Concordia University Choir
    Concordia University Orchestra
    Diane Goldsmith, pianist, New York City
    Michael Laucke, guitarist, Montreal, (assisted by the Canada Council)
    Max Lifchitz, New York City
    Margo MacKinnon, soprano, Montreal
    Morency String Quartet, Montreal
    New Pacific Trio, Oakland
    North/South Consonance, New York City
    Velma Richter, pianist, New York City
    Twentieth-Century Ensemble, New York City
    Pauline Vaillancourt, soprano, Montreal (Canada Council)
    Wheaton College Choir, Massachusetts
    Wheaton Trio, Massachusetts

  • Selected Performances of Concert Pieces

    Florébius, Eusebius Duo (Monica Gruber, violin, Hillary Nordwell, piano), San Francisco, 2015.
    Frequent Flyer: Sonic Harvest, (Emily Onderdonk, viola, Jeffrey Sykes, piano), Berkeley, CA 2015.
    Two Walks (2012), for chamber orchestra, performed by SF Composers Chamber Orchestra, Martha Stoddard, conductor, 2012.
    Arriving at Loch Lomond, SF Composers Chamber Orchestra, Mark Alburger, conductor, San Francisco.
    Oakland Civic Orchestra, Martha Stoddard, conductor.
    Plasticity, Tom Nunn, sonoglyph performer, Mark Alburger, conductor, SFCCO (see youtube: Sonoglyph).
    Sonata fLux, 3rd movement, Rondo a Pollock (2011), performed by Jerry Kuderna, SF Old First Concerts, 2012.
    Streaming Audio, Alice Lenaghan, flutist, Katrina Wreede, violist, Berkeley, CA.
    Windjammer, Teng Trio, students of Gillian Rogell, Rivers School Conservatory, Weston. MA.
    Coastal Ghost (version for chamber orchestra), San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra.
    Desiderata, Richard Goldsmith, clarinetist, Max Lifchitz, pianist, New York City and Albany.
    Dream Cycle, choreographed for dance by the Concordia Dance Ensemble, Elizabeth Langley, Director.
    Earth March, SF Composers Chamber Orchestra.
    Flyer, North/South Chamber Orchestra, Wolfram Koessel, cello solo, Max Lifchitz, conductor.
    Kalistos Chamber Orch., Chris Kim, conductor, Cora Kuyvenhoven, cello, Denison University, Granville OH.
    SF Composers ChamberOrch, Nina Flyer, cello, Mark Alburger, conductor.
    Frequent Flyer, Charles Meinen, viola, Loretta Altman, pianist, Montreal.
    Gretchen am Komputer, Elise Bédard, soprano, composer at piano, Montreal.
    Kristen Jones, soprano, Fresh Voices Festival, SF.
    Gypsy Ballads, Nanette Kaplan Solomon, pianist, Lorca conference, Madrid.
    Max Lifchitz, pianist, New York City, Albany, Montreal.
    The Gypsies Enter The Modern Age, Concordia Student Ensemble, Liselyn Adams, Dir.
    Icarus, Trio 180, Stockton, Los Olivos, CA. North/South Consonance, NYC, 2016.
    La Fille du Pêcheur, Michael Laucke, guitarist, and Shari Saunders, soprano, Montreal.
    Millennium Overture Dance, North/South Consonance, NYC; New Music Works, Santa Cruz, Philip Collins, conductor.
    Music for Human Choir, The Concordia Choir, Christopher Jackson, Director.
    Schumanniana, Genevieve Beaudet, pianist, Montreal.
    Soirtrios, Sven Meier, violinist, Nancy Corwin, violist, Charles Dallaire, clarinetist, Montreal.
    Songs (various), Sonic Harvest (Richard Mix, voice, Kate Campbell, piano), Berkeley, CA 2015.
    Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano, John Plant, pianist, Montreal.
    Songs from the Border, Harriet March Page, soprano, San Francisco; Margo MacKinnon, soprano, Montreal.
    Street Suite, Max Lifchitz, pianist, New York, Albany, Buenos Aires.
    String Quartet No. 2, The Morency Quartet, Montreal.
    String Quartet No. 3, Claudel Quartet, Montreal.
    Three Hebrew Songs, The Saidye Bronfman Chamber Players, with Mary Lou Basaraba, soprano,
    conducted by the composer, Montreal.
    The Waves, The Twentieth-Century Ensemble (NYC): Elizabeth Jordan, soprano, Karl Kraber, flutist,
    Chris Finckel, cellist, Diane Goldsmith, pianist, various locations in New Jersey and New York.
    ZOO, Le Quintette à vent de Montréal (with Louise Auclair, pianist).

  • Teaching

    Associate Professor of Music, Emeritus, Concordia University, Montreal, Que. 1976-2002.
    Faculty, San Francisco Conservatory, San Francisco, CA 2002-2007.
    Adjunct Professor of Music, Pacific Conservatory, Stockton, CA. 2001.
    Composition Faculty, John Adams Young Composers Program, Crowden Music Center, Berkeley, CA 2010-2013.
    Head of Composition, School of Contemporary Music, Boston 1974-75.
    Assistant Professor of Music, Wheaton College, Norton, Mass. 1969-72.
    Composition instructor, School of the Arts, San Francisco 1989-90.


    B.A., M.A. (Honors in Music Theory and Composition), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 1964, 1966; studies with George Rochberg, George Crumb, Hugo Weisgall.